I am a Computer Science PhD student at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in Troy, New York advised by Prof. Alex Gittens. My research interests are in the areas of Causal Machine Learning and domain generalization/out-of-distribution (OOD) generalization. I am also interested in the applications of Machine Learning/AI methods to solve real world problems.

Before joining RPI, I worked as a research intern at Microsoft Research in Redmond, Washington in Summer 2018, where I implemented a robust and scalable video processing engine that performed real-time image classification and labeling using a state-of-the-art deep neural network, and measured its performance.

In summer 2020, I had the opportunity to intern at IBM Research in Yorktown Heights New York, where I used Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing techniques to determine how vulnerabilities will most likely be exploited and by who.

Outside of work and school, I like to hike, dance and listen to music. I also like to travel and to interact with people from different cultures!

Email: lilianngweta@gmail.com

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